Happily Ever Productions with ‘Chicago’

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Happily Ever Productions with 'Chicago'


vrijdag 03 maart    
19:00 - 22:00

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Happily Ever Productions is proud to bring you Chicago, the award winning musical that is the second longest show to run on Broadway!

Chicago is a story of murder, greed, corruption, violence, exploitation, adultery, and treachery-all those things we hold near and dear to our heart. It is jurisprudence-as-showbusiness and trial-by-publicity. It is a tale of the sensational murderess Velma Kelly, the reigning queen of the Cook County jail, and Roxie Hart, the newest of the merry murderesses, who, of course, haven’t really committed any crime (their men had it coming).

With classics including “All That Jazz”, “Roxie”, and “Razzle Dazzle”, Chicago is sure to be a hit amongst Amsterdam audiences!

Meet the Casts

We are excited to share that we have not just one, but two casts that will Razzle Dazzle you in Chicago! When booking your tickets, please pay attention to the dates you are selecting and see the full casts below.

Opening Cast

3 March 19:00, 4 March 19:00, 9 March 19:00

11 March 15:00, 12 March 16:00,

17 March 19:00, 18 March 15:00

Roxie Hart : Camille Gribbons

Velma Kelly: Rhijja Jansen

Billy Flynn : Wesley Curtis

Amos Hart : Daniel Hillel- Tuch

Mama Morton: Trish Butterfield

Mary Sunshine: Bruno Rivera

Go-To-Hell Kitty : Roos Dros

Hunyak : Justyna Borowiecka

Mona : Brittany Sanders

Annie : Siobhan Dunningham

June : Tsnatee Elisa

Liz: Stacy Filimonova

Closing Cast

4 March 15:00, 5 March 16:00,

10 March 19:00, 11 March 19:00,

16 March 19:00, 18 March 19:00, 19 March 16:00

Roxie Hart : Zena Wood

Velma Kelly: Sam Clarke

Billy Flynn : Ties Jansen

Amos Hart : Tristan Morgan

Mama Morton: Anna Murton

Mary Sunshine: Laura Woolthuis

Go-To-Hell Kitty : Shalini Audhoe

Hunyak : Amber Rusch

Mona : Mahila Baut

Annie : Ronen Brilleslijper

June : Brigid Boyle

Liz: Linda Sjöström

Ensemble (performing for both casts):

Etienne Lalanne, Lucas Ciric, Nada Melhem, Diana Lugo, Raphael Dias, Mathijs Rozemuller, Antonio Vasco

The Smokin’ Guns

Conductor: Elliot Morgan

Piano One: Evelijn Makkus

Piano Two: Britt van Klaveren

Reeds One: Jack Tait

Reeds Two: Kamma Winther Kestner

Guitar: Michael Crowley

Bass: Ádám Széky

Drums: Sheila Bosco

Meet the Team

Sara Watts
Elliot Morgan
Wesley Curtis