Constatino and Maimone with Self-Help and Alex

Het Amsterdams Theaterhuis

Constatino and Maimone with Self-Help and Alex


vrijdag 21 juli    
20:00 - 21:30

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Margarida Constantino and Roberta Maimone present a double bill featuring SELF-HELP in its first performance in Amsterdam, alongside the premiere of the full-length version of ALEX.

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​SELF-HELP: how to make babies, have a career and eat organic is a self-help book trapped in the confinements of a movement performance. It tells us the story of the ridiculous expectations of coming-of-age in radical satirical observations. It demythologizes the subjects of immigration, unemployment, and sex-based social structures by sharing personal anecdotes from nomadic aspiring artists and gender-nonconforming feminists. ​

Choreography and artistic direction: Margarida Constantino ​

Performance: Margarida Constantino and Rodrigo Ribeiro ​

Light design: Rodrigo Ribeiro ​

Costume Design: Margarida Constantino ​

Live music composition: Rodrigo Ribeiro ​

Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni ​

Original song writing: ‘It’s been years’ by Margarida in collaboration with Maas Van Gogh ​

Dramaturgy and movement coaching: Hans Timmerman and Katarzyna Sitars ​

Supported by LeineRoebana Dance Company & Magnezy Dance Productions 


ALEX delves into the inevitable question of “who am I.” It is a psychological process—a moment of reflection and self- confrontation, both individually and in relation to others. When you meet someone new, it is natural for humans to mirror each other, which can lead to the discovery of aspects of yourself that you hadn’t previously noticed. You feel the urge to pause, observe, listen, understand, engage, accept, and connect with them.

The animated characters narrate the concept with gestures in a humorous key, with the desire to make it a pleasant experience and to indulge in a smile.


Choreography and artistic direction: Roberta Maimone ​

Performance: Yashasvi Shrotriya , Roberta Maimone

Music composition: Clara Cozzolino ​

Assistant Choreographer: Lela Di Costanzo​

Costume Design: Roberta Maimone ​ ​

with handcrafted pieces by Alice Di Maio, Giacomo Raffo

Supported by Korzo Theater, AFK, ICK, Network Anticorpi​ XL