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Datum en Tijd
zondag 03 juli
17:30 - 18:30

Het Amsterdams Theaterhuis



In a dreamlike dimension, an intermixture of theatre and cinema, poetry and love, historic and fictional characters, ‘Sogno Italiano’ (Italian Dream) is a moment of suspension within the magic of theatre in a dreamlike dimension, a journey through the beauty of Italian culture: cinema, literature and poetry, employing the chorus as end and means of representation.
The group was founded in February 2016 by Carmelinda Gentile, Amsterdam-based Italian actress and director, graduated from the National Institute of Ancient Drama in Siracusa, known by the public for her interpretation of “Beba” in the television series ” Montalbano”, broadcasted in several countries.
The group had their debut in May 2016, with the performance “Espresso Italiano Ristretto” in the framework of the Italian Event fair at Castle De Haar near Utrecht.

Carmelinda Gentile

Assistant Director
Sebastiano Gentile

Stefano Andreotta, Maria Clara Arnone, Simona Beltrami, Elena Camodeca, Jarno Conte, Gianpaolo Gagliardi, Carmelinda Gentile, Francesco Gentile, Sebastiano Gentile, Heriana Kola, Raffaella Marziani, Margot Massarutto, Loredana Nicolini, Valerio Pilo, Federica Rosetta

Lights and Sound
Gianfranco Santoro



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