Orange Theatre Company (OTC) plays SWEET SIXTEEN

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Orange Theatre Company (OTC) plays SWEET SIXTEEN

Orange Theatre Company (OTC) is excited to announce its next play SWEET SIXTEEN, staged from June 16 – 25 in Amsterdam!
This production is OTC’s first English rendition of a Dutch play as well as our first collaboration with De Toneelmakerij. Sweet Sixteen is written by Casper Vandeputte and directed by Belle van Heerikhuizen. Acclaimed actresses Hanna van Vliet and Sigrid ten Napel will star in the roles of, Dunya and Dido. (two sisters)

 “My sister’s name is Dido.  She’s dead and I miss her terribly.  She killed herself and I’ll never understand why.” – Dunya

Sweet Sixteen is an urgent, honest and moving play about depression and suicide, originally written to address teen suicide in high schools across the land. It tells the story of Dunya and her older sister Dido who committed suicide. The night before Dunya has to give a school presentation about suicide (a topic she herself chose to present in class), Dido appears in her room. They engage in conversations about life and death, and Dunya tries to comprehend what happened to her beloved sister. Dunya asks the burning questions she has had for a long time: why and how could she have done this?  What was actually wrong with Dido?  Does she even know what she did to Dunya and their parents?  Why didn’t she ask Dunya for help?

Sweet Sixteen is a beautiful story of love, compassion, and our urge to understand each other, with humor and empathy.

This play is for the ones left behind, and for the one left behind.